STEM Field Trips For Students

Think back on your days in elementary and middle school. The best and most memorable days in class were not the lectures and note taking, but those days when the teacher would divert from the normal routine. Whether it be a class held outdoors, or a hands-on lab in science class, those are the lessons that would stick with us for years to come.

STEM education is where students loose interest the quickest, so it’s important to present engaging ways for students to learn these subjects. That’s where our STEM Skating Program comes in! This program works off of those hands-on and out of the norm teaching principles to help get students excited about education areas like science, technology, engineering, and math. Find out how Sparkles Family Fun Center in Kennesaw, GA will spark your child’s interest in these subject areas again! 



$9.00 per student includes Skating and Playground (Laser Tag for Middle School). Students bring their own lunch.

$11.00 per student includes Skating and Playground (Laser Tag for Middle School) and lunch at Sparkles (slice of cheese pizza and small soda).

$15.00 per student includes Skating, Playground and Laser Tag game for each student. PLUS Sparkles Pizza Buffet (1 hour lunch time with unlimited pizza and soda)!

Teachers and parents can skate for FREE.


We have multiple lessons available from Kindergarten to 8th grade and one lesson specifically designed for 9th – 12th grade.

This program is available Monday – Friday morning and afternoon.

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Contact Diane Adams at 770-595-3003   OR to sign your kids up for our STEM Skating Program today! 


Elementary School Lessons

Middle School Lessons