Sparkles Kennesaw offers sessions all year long. There is never a day that we are not offering FUN at Kennesaw. We have just the thing for you and your family. We’ve outlined the specifics in our Fall-Winter Schedule, Summer  and School Break pages. So, if you are wondering how you can fill time on those boring school breaks, make summers exciting or have fun in the fall, join us often. There’s always something happening at Kennesaw.

Our Kennesaw rink follows the Cobb County school schedule. Our Fall Schedule is in effect from the time school goes into session in August, until school is out for the summer.

We play great music for each session. There are buy-one get-one free nights offered twice a week and discounted birthday parties, kids’ fun skate and family nights each weekend. In other words, Kennesaw is packed full of FUN!

We’ll see you there!