Benefits of Sports Team Parties


It’s playoffs time, and many themed events are being organized across the country. Team sports parties are happening to celebrate the end of the season at Sparkles, Kennesaw, among many other entertaining events for both children and grown-ups. If you wanted to offer your kids a combination of healthy sport-like activity and socializing with their peers, kids skating parties are a fun way to end the winter break.

Team sports parties

Regardless of the sport or the number of guests, you can treat your team members with a few hours of bonding and reminiscing about last season’s challenges you went through together. Packages include pizza, soda, reserved table time, and a game card for each player. The center welcomes school, recreational, club or other teams from Atlanta metro area. Bookings should be made in advance. Here are some tips to consider when making plans for your party.

Kids skating parties

The venue has been renovated and now welcomes its guests in two story laser tag arena. Barriers, strobe lights, and laser beams create unreal scenery as the children compete to tag the opposition players or their base station. Artificial fog is cut by multicolor laser beams and the loud music indicates the opponent is approaching. Center’s young visitors enjoy having fun in this unique atmosphere, while constantly skating which keeps them physically active during the play.

Other events at Sparkles include Adult Night Skate, St Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Tiny Tots Days, Saturday Night Unlimited Pizza Buffet, and more.

Book School Fundraisers at Sparkles

Group fundraiser

Fundraisers are an essential point for schools. They are something that can get all of the students to participate in all while raising funds that the school may need for various situations throughout the school year. There’s nothing better than being able to raise a lot of money while having a lot of fun at the same time! One of the best fundraisers that you can have for your school is a skating party fundraiser! This is a fundraiser that people throughout the whole city can participate in and have a great time. If you are looking for school fundraisers in Kennesaw that are not the ordinary you should come to Sparkles Family Fun Center and have a fundraiser that will bring along lasting memories.

When you come to Sparkles to have your school fundraisers you don’t have to worry about anything. When you want to raise money for your school that will involve everyone and ensure a great time will be had we are the perfect place for you! We have fundraiser options available for you to choose from. From game packages, skating options, laser tag, and even café specials… we have it all for you when you come to Sparkles Kennesaw! We are a great leader in entertainment for the family in Hiram and we are eager to help the community and schools! We have all that you need and have great options for you to choose from!

Don’t worry with fundraisers you aren’t sure will work and that won’t bring in the most money! Go with one that you know is popular and that everyone will have a great time at! Come to Sparkles Kennesaw and get the money for your school and have a great time while doing so! Call us today and schedule your fundraiser!

Winter Break Activities in Kennesaw, GA


Winter break is here and that means school is out for kids. It’s always great as a kid to know that you won’t have to go to school during this time, but what’s not fun is not having anything to do during that time. When you’re on winter break you want to make sure that you have some great activities to do that you know are going to be fun. When you get your school break you can have a great time… when school’s out, skating is in! There’s no better place that you can go skating other than Sparkles Kennesaw! You know that it’s a place safe that you will have a great time… whether you’re meeting with your friends here or if you come and make new friends… you’re bound to have an amazing time when you come to Sparkles Kennesaw!

It’s not just the skating that you can enjoy when you’re here at Sparkles Kennesaw; we have laser tag, bouncy playground, the arcade and the amazing Couey Café! You can’t go wrong coming in on your winter break… you can come in multiple times a week and never get tired! We’re the perfect place for you to spend some of your time during winter break and we are here to make sure that you are going to have an amazing time! We always want to make sure we offer a place for the community so they can have a safe place that friends and family members can have some place to come together to a safe environment where you can have a great time with no worries!

Sparkles Kennesaw is the perfect place for anyone that is looking for something to do during the winter break! We know that you’ll have fun, we’re eager to see it!

Skating Date Night in Kennesaw, GA


Date nights are always fun! Whether you have a special date, or if you’re going on a group date… it’s always great to be able to experience an enjoyable time with great company. We all know the month of February is here and, generally speaking, in the month of February everyone thinks of Valentine’s Day! What a lot of people do is go out to dinner and a movie for Valentine’s Day… but you don’t have to! You don’t have to go with that same tired date night routine; you can add some excitement to your date night and have a roller skating date! Roller skating is a great activity that millions have been able to enjoy for many years. It allows you to get active, have a great and enjoyable time together and connect in a different way! For those that are in Kennesaw, GA and are looking for a new, fresh idea for a date night, and if you’re looking for something different to do for Valentine’s Day then you should come to Sparkles Family Fun Center!

When you want to have a great date filled with laughter, fun and what are sure to become great memories then you need to make sure you have a roller skating date! When you come to Sparkles you know you’re going to have a great time and it’s going to be something that you think on; why not dare to be different on your next date night! Don’t go to the movies and have dinner… that’s predictable! Plan to come to Sparkles and have a roller skating date! And if it’s Valentine’s Day you can really stand out from others and enjoy your time together here!

A roller skating date here at Sparkles is a great choice… plan it now!

Get to Know the Sparkles Squad

Are you new to Sparkles skating center? Maybe you saw our birthday parties billboard on Cobb Parkway. Maybe you heard about us from a friend. Maybe you were searching Google for fun ways to get fit in the New Year and decided skating is the sport for you. However you found us, we’re glad you’re here. Here’s what you need to know about our Kennesaw roller-skating center.

Get to Know Sparkles in Kennesaw

Sparkles skating centers have been a go-to for family entertainment in Atlanta for over 50 years. Our family wanted a way to provide wholesome, active fun for local families. And we get better each day! In fact, our Kennesaw skating center has recently undergone a million dollar renovation. What does that mean for you?

  • Get a skate gift at Sparkles!More skating. Our skating floor, skate rentals, and fun extras like the lights and sound systems are state-of-the-art for your entertainment. We have weekly skating hours as well as holiday events and seasonal fun for kids and families.
  • Laser tag. Immerse yourself in a world of police barriers, strobe lights, red laser beams, and fierce competition in our 2 story laser tag arena.
  • Playground. Kids age 1-10 can bounce, swing, and climb to their heart’s content in our indoor playground bounce house. We also have a separate playground area just for toddlers.
  • Arcade. Will you come out victorious? Test your skills at skee-ball, air hockey, and tons of interactive video games. Then claim your prize at the Sparkles Stuff Shop.
  • Everything else. We have skating lessons, a Pro Shop, the Couey Cafe, and more!

Ready to play? We’ll see you at Sparkles!

Is It Time for New Skates?

Your roller-skates have served you well. They’ve given you countless hours of entertainment, helped you stay active, helped you connect with your friends, and even saved you money. But now they’re looking a little, well, old. Is it time to retire your roller-skates and buy a new pair?

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Skates

  1. vintage roller-skatesThey don’t fit. Kids outgrow skates quickly. Teens outgrow skates slowly. But did you know that even adults can outgrow their shoes? Adults’ feet may grow wider, or their arch can collapse over time, which leads to longer feet. Women may find that their foot size changes after pregnancy. Whatever your age, if your boots feel snug, loose, or ill-fitting, it’s time to replace those skates.
  2. You loved them too well. Roller-skates are made to last, but even the most well-maintained skates won’t last forever. While you can replace skate parts like wheels and bearings, if the boot becomes too worn, you’ll need a new skate. Look for cracked or warped leather, broken lace holes, or shapeless ankle support to determine whether you need to replace your skates.
  3. You’ve learned a new skill. Basic skates are great for skaters of all ages and skill levels. But some skaters reach a point where they’ve moved beyond the basics. If you’re sick of simply gliding, it’s time to find a skate that fits your skill level. Skate manufacturers develop skates tailored for jam skaters, speed skaters, aggressive inline skaters, and roller derby skaters. Find the right fit, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can push yourself.

Are you ready to replace your skates? Visit the Sparkles Pro Shop in Kennesaw and find just the skate you’re looking for.

5 Ways Skating Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Fitness isn’t the only New Year’s resolution you can achieve at Sparkles! We’re all about the health benefits of roller-skating, but that’s not all it’s good for. Whatever you hope to achieve this year, Sparkles Family Fun Center in Kennesaw can help.

Skate Your Way to These 5 Resolutions

  1. Weekly goals and objectivesSpend more time with family. With fresh fun every week, special holiday events (MLK Skate, anyone?), and fun activities like Tiny Tots, skating is the perfect way to spend the day with family.
  2. Learn something new. Whether you want to beat your kids at video games, become a laser tag sharpshooter, or finally learn to roller-skate, you can try something fun and learn a new skill at Sparkles.  
  3. Budget. Family fun doesn’t have to break the bank! If you’re resolved to spend less this year, work Sparkles family fun into your budget. With special deals like $2 skating, pizza, and snacks during Monday Madness, you can have big fun with a tiny price tag. Even better? Sign up for Kids Skate Free and get 2 FREE skate passes for kids 12 and under each week.
  4. Show someone you care. Whether it’s making your Mom the center of attention with a throwback skating party or treating your nieces and nephews to pizza at the Couey Cafe, it’s time to get intentional about spreading the love.
  5. Get serious about work (and play). Book a roller-skating team building day!

Did your New Year’s resolution make the list? Share your goals with us the next time you skate at Sparkles Kennesaw!

Build Better Bonds with Your Staff

Team bonding at Sparkles.Whether your company is large or small, co-worker bonding and team building are essential. A company outing is a proven way to have fun and unwind as a group. Shared co-worker fun results in people opening up — strengthening trust and simplifying team bonding in the process.

A company outing at the start of a new year is the perfect way to set the tone of teamwork going forward. In the Atlanta area, Sparkles Family Fun Center in Kennesaw provides everything you need for you and your co-workers to come together in the spirit of fun.

With something for everybody, a company outing at Sparkles offers the physically active — as well as the more leisurely members of your team — with oodles of ways to enjoy themselves. From roller skating to laser tag, fun and excitement will await your colleagues. Those not so eager to take a spin around the rink can enjoy the games in the arcade. There’s nothing like a little friendly game of skeeball to get the merriment going without the need to put on roller skates.

Sparkles is able to create an environment of casual fun that makes it well-suited for co-worker bonding. It captures the excitement and nostalgic zeal of enjoyable moments from the past and allows you to relive them today, with your workplace comrades. Laughs, pizza and a DJ playing your favorites from yesterday and today — a sure-fire formula for everyone to enjoy themselves.

With a friendly and attentive staff, you will find that booking a company outing at Sparkles in Kennesaw is quite simple. They will accommodate your date and time selection regardless of group size. You will find that Sparkles makes employee outings stress-free to organize and enjoyable to attend.

Ring in the New Year at Sparkles Family Friendly Rink!

Celebrate the New Year at Sparkles!Are you looking for some family friendly fun on New Year’s Eve? Would you like to include your young ones, but don’t want to keep them out too late? The Noon Year’s Eve Kids Skate at Sparkles Family Fun Center is the thing for you!

Skating is a wonderfully fun way to work off those extra holiday pounds or burn off some of that energy the little ones have built up. Did you know that Skating for 2 and 1/2 hours burns more calories than the same amount of time playing basketball? Check it out:

Activity Length of Time  |  Calories Burned

Moderate Housecleaning for 2 ½ Hours – 507 calories
Brisk Walking 2 ½ Hours  – 620 calories
Playing Basketball 2 ½ Hours – 981 calories
Continuous Bowling 2 ½ Hours – 607 calories
Strenuous Gardening 2 ½ Hours – 810 calories
Skating 2 ½ Hours – 1,200 calories
Come, bring the family to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the gang at Sparkles. The fun starts at noon and lasts until 6:00 p.m. A $12 admission gets you 1 game of Laser Tag or Playground (Playground is for ages 10 and younger), skate rental and skating. Just $4 more upgrades it to unlimited Laser Tag Games and Playground (sorry, Playground is still for ages 10 and younger)! There will be special appearances by Olaf and the Minions and at 4:00 p.m. a balloon drop where the balloons will be filled with prizes, cash and free passes!

Sparkles Family Fun Center is conveniently located at 1000 McCollum Pkwy, at the corner of Cobb Pkwy and McCullom Pkwy, so come on down for a day filled with fun! You and yours will enjoy it so much, you’ll want to come back again and again. Make sure to connect with them on Facebook to keep up with all their special offers and upcoming activities.

Get Fit with Skates!

Have you considered adding an element of fun to your new year’s resolution? Sparkles Family Fun Center, which attracts visitors from Kennesaw, Acworth, and other towns in Cobb County, Georgia, provides a range of opportunities to help you start a new year on a healthy note and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Enjoy entertaining events

New Year’s Eve Late Night Skate and a variety of events are hosted during following weeks and winter breaks.  Enjoy a night with friends, or treat your child with a special playing and learning experience. Private parties can also be booked.

Get fit

Skating has mostly been known as an enjoyable pastime. As its benefits for overall health and well-being are gaining more recognition, it is becoming an exercise of choice for many people. Improve your body shape and stay healthy while unleashing your inner child.

Burn calories

The muscles most active during skating, which burns more calories than many other physical activities, are in the region of abdomen, hips, and thighs, where most of the excess body fat is usually stored. Many forms of exercise don’t target those areas of the body. This makes skating a smart choice to help you shed the extra weight, especially if you’ve chosen trimming down as your New Year’s resolution.

Sparkles follows the Cobb County school schedule, so its young visitors from Kennesaw and Acworth can learn to skate during the winter breaks. Non-skating parents accompanying their young ones are not charged for the entry. Skates and other accessories can be purchased at the venue.